what is the number of babies adopted in 1935?

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Answered: Adoption information

What did you adopt? A child? A dog? A cat? or is this one of those stupid questions where we are supppose to know wtf you are asking bout?

Answered: I have puppy and capuchin monkey for adoption they ...

i am interested in monkey....please reply with info....thanks wrg1961@aol.com wayne

Answered: Cultural Differences in International Adoptions

It absolutely all depends upon the age of the child when adopted. I adopted two toddlers (under 2 years old) and maintained membership in ethnic organizations, celebrated their holidays with ours, etc. Ask your case worker, she's the best source of advice. With that said, however, follow your ...

Answered: Where does the phone number 441213182153 originate from?

use reverse phone lookup to get the details of that number.

Answered: What are the cost of adopting a child in foster care in another state.

There is no set price, contact the state your interested in and follow up with them.

Answered: Adoption

Hi Donna.. I am currently pregnant now but I would be more than willing to be a surrogate for you and continue carryout the pregnancy and giving you the parental right tot this child. Details can definitely be discussed at a later time. Please email me as I sent you an email today regarding this ...
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I think I want to give my baby up for adoption?‎

Hi, I was hoping if you have not found a family for your baby yet I sure hope you would email us. We are a stable loving couple of 8 yrs. We own and operate a large farm. I am unable to have children and we want more than anything is to start a family. We would be willing to answer any of your ...

What should I do about the couple that has stopped sending pictures to me

That is such a sad story from you. I think all you can do is wait or better look for another child to adopt. Try to ask for help with California Adoption .

Adoption Agency in Alabama?

Believe it or not, waiting a year with an agency is not unusual...one out of every 3 couples faces infertility at some time in their lives and you may have a number of waiting people ahead of you. Or your child request may be more difficult to find - only a Caucasian child or a child with no ...

Canadian couple post baby for sale on craigslist

Not really an answer, but how did you find out about the people ? The reason I ask is there is someone trying to adopt out a puppy and it's a little terrier with hardly any fur and she's in snow and if it was a video, she'd be shivering. How can I find out who this person is or where they live ? I ...