what is the normal yearly markup labor?

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Answered: Is it normal for 3 year old boys to kick punch and slap

not really it usually is a defense response

Answered: Is it normal or is it a sign of labor to come soon,, having sharp vaginal

It can be a sign of labor coming soon.You ladies are different in terms of labor , some that can be a sign and it can also be a natural process of body pain.

Answered: What is the normal sed rate for a 74 year old woman

In Wikipedia, the given rate for women is a formula == add 10 to your age and then divide by 2 to get the normal maximum sed rate. So at 74, a normal sed rate for a woman would be between 0 and 42. Values are increased in states of anemia, and in black populations. For the whole Wiki article, see ...

Answered: How would you describe being "Normal"?

I think being normal means to have ups and downs. Good moments and bad ones. To make mistakes, but learn from them. To grow from experience. To be logical and respectable. To live your life within the border of both extremes.

Answered: hard breasts in a 45 year old woman, is this normal?

jms- If they were soft before, something is amiss. You need to see your doctor. This could be something ho-hum like fibrocystic disease or it could be something awful. I would go with the former, but do not delay in getting yourself checked out. JayR

Answered: 37weeks how can i bring on labor

Sex can induce labor....a man's sperm has something in it that induces labor and a woman's orgasm can open up the cervix 2cm...also, nipple stimulation every 15 minutes between contractions (when you get them to start)....Walking, taking a bouncy car ride........that's just some of them : )
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Most common time of day to go into labor?

I went into labor in the very early morning (like 4am) with both of my children.

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My left side hurts and has been hurting for like an hour or so is that a

yes ... you must check with your gynaec immediately. natasha