what is the necklace that Edie Falco wears in "Nurse Jackie"?

what is the necklace that Edie Falco wears in "Nurse Jackie"?

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Answered: What is the medal Nurse Jackie is wearing on the show?

Not sure exactly, but you can find one similar here:etsy.com/shop/RoseboroStudio

Answered: I'm looking to make an elegant pearl necklace with an organic feel. Do

Yes, there is onehttp://www.romante.com/ Here you will get some awesome and latest collection of jewelry.

Answered: What is the necklace that "nurse jackie" wears?

you can find one here: etsy.com/shop/RoseboroStudio

Answered: What is ASC registered nurse?

ASC Stands for Ambulatory Surgery Center- RN means Registered nurse for more info go to cnacertificationprogram.org

Answered: Where can I find continuing education courses or professional development

There are many institutes and colleges for the nursing student. You have to give the entrance test for doing the course of nursing program and there are some websites available online which gives the proper information of the nursing center or institute. Few of the sites I know related to the ...

Answered: Don't nurse students get to wear the old nurses ...

John is correct in that nursing caps are no longer worn due to the increasing presence of men in nursing. Men used to wear "shoulder boards" - epaulettes which fastened to the shoulder seams of their uniforms and carried the same black ribbon horizontally as the caps did. These were dropped as ...
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