What is the most gifted item on valentines day?

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Answered: Do you have any actual sentimentality for ...

My goodness what a cynical person you are when it comes to love. Believe it or not, since time began, there have been people who find total satisfaction and lasting attraction for each other til they die. Rare in this day and age, for so many reasons we could debate it til the cows come home ...

Answered: Ideas for Valentine's Day?

PATRICK SWAYZE Remember She`s Like The Wind. R. I. P. YouTube - PATRICK SWAYZE Remember She`s Like The Wind.

Answered: Why is a toaster a bad Valentine's gift?

Start with a romantic dinner consisting of corn dogs, cheap beer, then a football game on TV, and a romantic song that is sure to turn her on. If that doesn't do it, nothing will. Then when she expresses her displeasure, and as modern woman is known to do, she will make good use of the trunk ...

Answered: Worst Valentines Day Gifts?

Worst Valentines day gift? Your lover leaves you...worst right?

Answered: Best Valentines Day Gifts?

Chocolates and flowers are tried and true staples when giving gifts for valentine's day. This year I'm probably going to get my gift online for my husband. My husband isn't really keen on chocolates and sneezes at flowers, so it involves some thinking outside of the box.

Answered: What's a great gift for men for Valentine's Day?

i think a really great gift will be a nice watch or a silver ring that is what my friends gifted their boyfriends and we shopped for them from Inorbit Mall as they had some really great offers in there
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I don't think so better visit mancards.com for more exciting gift for valentines day especially cards.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day??!!

Best way is to spend the day togeather.Stay at home and watch Love Actually (Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson). A fabulous look at varying types of love...I loved it!

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If anyone need gifts for valentines day 2012 , i suggest this site: tmart.com

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Yeah, you're lucky ,this is who offers valentines day ideas ,I hope you will get you want!