what is the most dependable handgun?

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Answered: Which is the synonym of it all depends? which is ...

A synonym is a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. So your questions asking: "which is the synonym of it all depends ? which is the synonym of they tend too ? which is the synonym of if only ? which is the synonym of it was only later that ? which is the synonym of it ...

Answered: Where can i purchase a pink handgun

Try looking for a s&w dealer, there's a pink M&P on catalogue. EAA has a pink gun available in Italy, don't know if these are also available in USA

Answered: What defines a dependent

yes as long as no other person has the right to claim them.

Answered: My son was born 4-12-1991-lives at home full time - high school student

We had this same question on our taxes this year. Yes he is still a dependant, but you do not get the $1000 child tax credit.

Answered: If i got a dui in 2000 can i now buy a handgun?

I don't know what Sate you live in, but if I was you I would contact my local law enforcement, to find out, wheather you can purchase a hand gun.

Answered: The word meaning a person you can depend on

A 'stalwart', a 'brick', 'cornerstone', 'pillar', 'backbone', 'support' and 'anchor' can all be used in context.
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Michigan/Texas Concealed Handgun License Reciprocity

Yes your license is good in Texas.You need to ask the local DPS officer not the sherrif dept they will probaly tell after a certain amount of time as a resident to change to a Texas concealed permit.I asked the DPS and he told me as long as it is not expired it is good and there is no resident ...


Well my answer is in two parts.The first part is a question.First,is there any reason why your niece cannot make a claim for herself and her two children? And second,yes you can claim for your niece and her three children as long as you can prove that they are your dependants and this would relate ...

How many children can u claim on IRS form

I know this will be shocking for you to find out, but you claim exactly how many you have!! DUH!!!

Dependable car

I would recommend either a Honda or a Toyota. When was the last time you saw either one broken down on the side of the road?!