What is the moral lesson of the story two brothers of rony v diaz?

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Answered: What is the lesson that the story about the nail and the kingdom tries to

This is the oldest statement I know of that tries to explain what is now called "The Butterfly Effect", a facet of chaotic mathematics/physics aka Chaos Theory.

Answered: What's the moral of your story?

The moral of my story would be about persistence. In watching those I admire the most in life, this seems to be the factor that separates them from the rest.

Answered: A story with good moral and advice for Christians

A wonderful "Christian" story from the idiot TrueIowan. Simply heartwarming.

Answered: I have two sons 33 and 29. The older son is ...

I would get together with both of your sons... tell them both how very happy you are that the two of them are getting married and happy. tell them that you want to be the best mother you can, to help with each of the weddings, and to be there for your sons. explain that it takes a lot of time to ...
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Morality is indeed possible: it is the rational practice of ethical living. Some among us hope to exploit all that is immoral for the sake of political and monetary gain, hence that explains political corruption, obnoxious Middle Eastern cults, prostitution, etc. In the negative, if you would have ...

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Yes there are false morels, and no, they are not safe to eat! A true morel is hollow. False morels have chambers in the stem and cap when you slice it in half.

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When I lived in other countries I understood their rules, regulations, customs, belief systems and I respected them. Had I decided to give-up my American citizenship and ask to obtain theirs I would have accepted into my own being those standards they lived by. Anyone coming to our country must ...

This mother story needs to be HEARD....

1. Not one word of that leftist paranoid tear jerk lie checked out. 2. Only a leftist would be stupid enough to prate such obvious and stupid lies. Typical leftists are all so boring.