What is the moral lesson in the movie amistad?

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Answered: Christmas Movies

You can watch your holiday favorites movies on Netflix. Source(s): http://www.netflixcanadalist.com/

Answered: RUSH - The Movie

I didn't see it until just now, but no, I didn't see the movie "Rush."

Answered: Is Amir Khan perfect with Kartina Kaif in Dhoom 3 movies?

Who knows? Who cares? I don't even know what they believe as a couple, much less individually. If you would like to present a list of their beliefs, I could tell you whether of not I agree with each one.

Answered: I have written a 4800 word essay entitled 'Is ...

Morality is indeed possible, and within reasonable standards of conduct. If you pursue absolute ascepticism, you will find that your goal is unreachable, as you find yourself in endless paradoxes and quandaries. If you go to the opposite extreme, you will find yourself with a reprobate existence ...

Answered: I have written a 4800 word essay entitled 'Is ...

Morality is indeed possible: it is the rational practice of ethical living. Some among us hope to exploit all that is immoral for the sake of political and monetary gain, hence that explains political corruption, obnoxious Middle Eastern cults, prostitution, etc. In the negative, if you would have ...
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Because the trend for the last 15, 20 years has been to make women superior bitches and to make men look as bad, balless and incompetent as possible. Which has absolutely no relationship to real life. TV commercials are the worst.

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