what is the modifier for CPT code 99213 billed with CPT code 46600?

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Answered: I was billed for items over a year after sleepmed ...

oh and also-if the doctor was non participating with your ins company then they have the right to balance bill the patient-which means you will be responsible for the bill.

Answered: Internship for medical billing and coding

There is a high requirement for medical coding and billing professionals within the health care industry. You need to be sure you are well trained and educated to perform the tasks given. Along with these basic needs skills such as communication, responsibility and learn-ability are also necessary ...

Answered: Outsourcing Medical Billing Company

I think the best answer you can find is here: http://www.chbmdbilling.com/ everything about medical billing. Good luck!

Answered: CPT for marriage counseling?

For marriage councelling code CPT 90847, this CPt is billed as family therapy only you would use the partner relational problem (V61.10) as your primary diagnosis. It won't get covered by insurance anywhere, so make sure it is TRUE marriage counseling and that the provider isn't actually doing ...

Answered: What is the medical necessity in terms of the ICD-9 CM and CPT coding

Icd and cpt coding are generally updated every year.Its use is specifically for insurance companies (all of them) to proccess billing paymenty for the medical providers.Some companies require a match of the icd code (name of illness) with the procedure code (cpt).If they do not match the provider ...

Answered: Bill tooooooooooo high

noooooooooo this didn t help
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They are so desperate to find people foolish enough to pay them (when they offer the service free), they probably will drop by your house to pick up the check! Check out their free service.

Medical billing and coding what is code 99213 and 81000 for

According to medical coding , The medical code 99213 stands for regular visits that the patient may have to come for. The medical code 81000 stands for Urinalysis, by dip stick or tablet reagent for bilirubin, glucose, hemoglobin, ketones, leukocytes, nitrite, ph, protein, specific gravity ...

Medical Coding and billing...how long of a training would a person need

It can take you anywhere between 3 months to two years to get trained in medical coding depending on the program you choose. There are two-year college degree programs that teach you medical billing and coding as one of the areas within allied health. Alternatively, you can opt for specific medical ...

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According to Salary.com, fifty percent of employees in medical billing and coding jobs earned an average of $35,999 to $44,562 in 2008. A medical billing salary in a hospital is usually less than a medical coding salary in an insurance agency. A medical billing clerk usually earns the lowest about ...