what is the Moderate Discrepancy Hypothesis?

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Answered: What is discrepancy

It means inconsistency.

Answered: Do the moderators know who asks anonymous questions?

One Definitely Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest... a couple of times.

Answered: What would the hypothesis be for why does water expand when it

EXCELLENT QUESTION ! The answer is not hypothetical at all. It is scientific fact. Due to the unique structure of the water molecule, when water freezes, it expands. Actually, as water cools from a warmer temperature to just above the freezing point, it condenses. However, when it reaches the ...

Answered: Facebook Fan Page Moderation

The best way is to add more admins for your fan page and as a owner, you have to spend much time monitoring your fan page.

Answered: Do you suppose a site/forum moderator would know ...

The simple answer is that most forums require you to register your info before you can participate. You'd have to keep changing your userid all the time to remain anonymous. Otherwise, yes, your computer is invisible... unless you have some highly specialized software installed that sends out a ...

Answered: Who are the owners and moderators of the free dating site,DateHookUp

The owner of Datehookup.com is Dustin R. Weirich. His nickname on that site is “Dustin”.
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Given two identical x-ray scans (typically 15 mrem for a dental x-ray) to people of differing skin colors, the amount of x-rays absorbed is going to be the same; the difference will be where the x-rays are absorbed. Melanin, the stuff that gives you the pigment of your skin, can diffuse or ...

Stress test discrepancy

I'm thinking it means whatever your doctor interpreted it to mean ... and if not, you should consider a 2nd opinion.

How to explain moderation in statistics

Mark Twain explained it perfectly: "There are lies---There are damned lies---There are statistics!"

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