What is the mizpah prayer?

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Answered: How do you say a prayer for someone that you dont like and mean it?

There is good in just about everyone. That is what to look for. Most folks go out of their way to be decent. There are some hateful old bigots that worship evil and weill do anything they can to make you suffer, because they hate everyone and everything as harshly as they can. When people choose ...

Answered: I actually think that tweeting prayers is better ...

Well, I'm not a Christian, but I do pray. I think that's a pretty darn good idea, actually. It might be hard to get a prayer request in the limited number of words, but any prayer is good prayer. Good idea. Truly. I approve.

Answered: Serenity Prayer

i lost my green card what can i do ?

Answered: I am looking for a topical guide for daily prayer ---Not a book or a

Jesus taught that our prayers should express our desire to see God's name sanctified, his Kingdom come, and his will be done - Matt. 6:9-13; Luke 11:2-4. He also taught that it's appropriate to pray about personal matters. Jesus also used illustrations that showed we need persistence, faith, and ...

Answered: Non-demoninational prayer at public events.

Depends on what is meant by ‘non-denominational group. If they are all Christians but different denominations then pray as you would normally pray. If it is a mixture of different religions it becomes a lot more sensitive. But if you are strong in your faith, then again pray as you normally would ...

Answered: The secret a prayer for a friend that shared the ...

The our father prayer that's the prayer yhwh the son left us to pray !!!!!!!!! Anyother prayer pray at your own risk
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What prayers should be done on diwali day with the silver coin

If you want more info on this, Google diwali day. You will find many sites that should help you. JayR

A prayer to lose your virginity

Hi You don't need a prayer to lose your virginity. Satan gives that freely to anyone who wants to lose it.

Did President Obama Cancel The National Day Of Prayer?

Unfortunately, Islam is a false cult of grovelers and filth -- they grovel in filth just to be fully degrading and to show that their whole cult is unworthy of respect. That is why Obama denounces his own false religion, Islam, and is so weakminded that he thinks rational persons might buy his ...

Do you think there is a certain amount of prayer we should do every day

My simple answer would be that Jesus prayed every day; so should we. He spent all night in prayer sometimes, and often rose while it was still dark in the mornings to pray.