what is the marketing channel for America Online?

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Answered: What happens if the wrong marketing channel is chosen by the firm?

Astruggle at least, at worst out of business. The first rule of Marketing is "know your customer." Following that rule leads to fairly good conclusions about how to reach them-the correct Marketing channel.

Answered: Online selling without Ebay or Amazon

If you want to sell your product online without using Ebay or Amazon then you may build your own E-commerce website/portal for better selling. After creating a portal you may hire any online marketing executive or any SEO executive to increase your product’s selling. I think, it is the best way ...

Answered: What are the most effective methods of on-line marketing at the

Article Marketing, Blogging, Ezine Publishing, Online Networking, Email Discussion Boards, Social Sites or Podcasting.

Answered: Online marketing

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Answered: Article Marketing Now?

Backlinks are one of the most important parts of SEO. They can quickly get you ranked higher on the search engines. I use http://www.googlelinkblaster.com , they do a great job for me and always send a report of the work they do.
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Is there any truth in affiliate marketing leads ...

Yes, off course affiliate marketing is one of the beneficial way to increase your income. Affiliate marketing is a good way to promote a online business where an affiliate will be rewarded for every visitor, customer and user through his efforts. there are various forms of affiliate marketing and ...

Just how successful are Facebook/Twitter marketing campaigns for

Social media isn't about selling products, it's about telling stories. Not in a feel good, warm & fuzzy way. But rather, in a "stories are memorable and advertisements aren't" way. If you try to "sell" something on social media, you're going to fail miserably. If you want to tell a compelling ...

What is mean by channel marketing?

Channel marketing means appointing distributors and sub-distributors to market a product. The Channel = Manufacturer > Distributor > Sub-distributor = The Customer. More on online marketing continued here