what is the lowest temperature a tomato plant can endure?

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Answered: How do i prepare soil for tomato plants?

Prepare the garden bed by adding lots of compost (5 to 8 pounds per square .... Fill with soil , fertilizer, etc. Plant tomato and cover soil with plastic

Answered: My tomato plants look happy and healthy but 2 of ...

Hey - that happened to mine - I don't know if you have a dog like we do - but he kept visiting that tomato plant on the corner of our garden and our pumpkins which also suffered the same fate - next year I'm considering The Tomato Planter Upside Down It gets the tomatoes off the ground - we keep ...

Answered: How to get rid of white bugs on tomato plants

liquid ivory soap makes a good safe pesticide. mix 2 teaspoons liquid ivory and a quart to one-half gallon water. spray on plants. don't spray over two times total on tomato plants. i don't know why, but read it in organic pesticide article. this mixture is also great for many insects. it's great ...

Answered: Why plants cannot grow in cold temperatures ?

I guess it has to do with moisture, less moisture in air doesnt help the plants at all. However, there are specific breeds which do good in cold environment.

Answered: What Are Examples of Perennial Plants?

Here you can know more about Perennial Plants

Answered: Where should I plant my sprouting tomato plant

thanks, and I have a big beef tomato plant.
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How much manure do you use to plant tomatoes in a pot?

You need to add a lot. 5 to 8 pounds per square foot/25 to 40 kilograms per square meter to the soil. Turn compost into the top 3 inches (6 to 8 cm). Tomatoes demand a growing medium rich in organic matter.

Tomato rotting what should i do

I think this is called 'blossom end rot', my first ripening tomato this season had the same thing. I read that this can happen early in the season, to just pick it off and hopefully the ones ripening later in the season will be fine. Possibly it's caused by a poor supply of water and calcium in the ...

Which is the best tomato for canning

I love canning as my late grandmother and my alive mother have taught me a lot about it. I have tried many variables of tomatoes and came to the conclusion that it is really what you prefer in the ending. Some are more acidic, and some are more firm; while others very soft. I would recomment you ...