What is the latitude of the constellation libra?

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Answered: What constellation is epsom new hampshire in

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Answered: Constellation

Term papers Nine: Apus (bird of paradise (the actual bird, not the flower)), Aquila (eagle), Columba (dove), Corvus (crow), Cygnus (swan), Grus (crane), Pavo (peacock), Phoenix (a mythical bird, but still a bird), Tucana (toucan).

Answered: What is Constellation Urion?

Orion the Hunter is a well-known constellation.

Answered: What are South America longitude and latitude?

South America goes from roughly S 55 to N 13 latitude, and from W 35 to W 81 longitude.

Answered: What is the latitude and longitude of 727 s. cascade ave. montrose

montrose's latitude and longitude are: 38N 29, 107W 53.
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Which of the following is NOT a constellation?

The moon is not a constellation. The sun is a star, but not a constellation. Polaris is a star but not a constellation. The Andromeda Galaxy is a group of stars, but not a constellation.