what is the largest 2 cylinder john deere tractor?

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Answered: How to install fuel cap door on JD 4310?

The fuel tank is on the top under the hood. It is sunk in about an inch or so for safety. The cap is big enough to take loose and put back without tools. There ain't a fuel door cover on it I know about. If you did put one on it would buzz real loud and you'd wind up taking it back off pronto.

Answered: Why is John Deere green::??

He wasn't keen on Dramamine.

Answered: B john deere

Click on website: http://www.terrystoy.com/JD-B/history.htm

Answered: John Deere Onan Engines

Not sure. Try asking a mechanic.
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How do i remove body from john deere lx172 from frame i need to get to

Get your answer here! http://www.justanswer.com/heavy-equipment/john-deere?r=ppc|ga|2|Cars+-+Heavy+Equipment|John+Deere&JPKW=john%20deere%20how&JPDC=S&JPST=&JPAD=3300686788&JPAF=txt&JPCD=20090601-1&JPRC=1&JPOP=AccountWideOmar&gclid=CP3W7K6u-pwCFSXyDAod0EjKbw

How to fix brakes on my 5103 john deere tractor

The brake valve has to apply the brake and also the pressure has to be released through the same valve. If the valve does not release the pressure. Tested by cracking the lines at the axles.the brake drags. koboma : If there is no pressure on the lines when checked, then the disc's have to be ...

Oiil in water 6403 john deer

Sound like a broken head gasket to me -

How to date a john deere backhoe attachment, i.e., Model 49, 48, etc.

On all the later model removable backhoes you will find a tag below and to the left of the seat. You have to drop the outriggers all the way to get to it. That tag has a reference number that JD can decode for you. It will tell them the date they made it and in which of the four plants that made ...