What is the Lad artery?

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Answered: Arterial Plaque removal

Antioxidants, fish oil, eating lots of fiber are just some things you can do to try and reverse plaque. Also use healthy oils like olive, peanut or the coconut oil and avoid all bad fats. If nutritional deficiency continues, arteries get weaker and plaque builds up. Flossing everyday is a crucial ...

Answered: Distinguish between elastic arteries, muscular arteries, and arterioles

If this is for a bio class, then it should be in your textbook and I'm wondering why you haven't just opened that up, because it is in there... Anyway, here is a basic overview: There are three types of arterial blood vessels: (1) elastic arteries, (2) muscular arteries, and (3) arterioles ...

Answered: Hardened arteries

hello yeahright love that...Anyway, my humble opinion says to you, yeahright that anything in excess is usually bad in the end. Ask your dr. if you could do it occassionally since you like it so much. Then it will be like a treat to you and you'll appreciate it even more.

Answered: How can I clear my arteries?

One of the main things is to avoid transfats-look at the labels on processed and packaged foods- If it says partially hydrogenated soybean oil or any kind of oil(cottonseed etc.) Kick it to the curb baybee!!! That stuff is what is actually causing most of the damage to our bodies. When the process ...

Answered: If my artery is already partway clogged, how do I unclog it on my own?

You don't. Medications might help some of it, but eventually you'll likely have to have surgery.

Answered: Could a Lap Cholecystectomy cause a problem with my Inferior Epigastic

I'm not a doctor so I really don't know. I'd suggest speaking directly with your doctor about your concerns. Good luck.
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What is the difference between a blocked artery and a clogged artery?

A clogged artery allows partial blood flow; a blocked artery allows none.

Unclogging Arteries Through The Wrist

Yes I had a stent put in through the wrist.. They give you something to numb the wrist area and medication to make you drowsy. It wasn't bad and I was semi awake during the time. Less bleeding with the wrist because they can put a pressure wrap around the wrist better than the groin. You don't have ...

What is the medical explanation for "arterial svc"?

SVC is superior vena cava, a large vein that drains into the atrium. There can be atrial fibrillations that arise in the SVC. Perhaps an "atrial SVC"?