What is the instrument in Brian Adams song When You Love Someone that looks like a bagpipe?

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Answered: I'm assuming that Adam and Eve was a blind date ...

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Answered: Song called Still in love with you, I heard it on ...

Are you sure it wasent still into you by the band parMore?

Answered: LOve

Ah well my little friend, love is what every individual in the world seeks and when they do not find it they get really nasty. Possibly the problem with our nasty crap eater. Seriously, it is not the same for every person, it is however; the most sought after commodity on the face of the ...

Answered: Song verse, So be careful, becareful, Love sneaks up on you, like a thief

I think it might be Bonnie Ratt - Love Sneaking Up On You The lyrics is a bit different in the be careful part, but it says don't worry, maybe you just messed it up a bit. Anyway, hope I helped.

Answered: Songs from the 60

Nobody but me - The human beinz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Us1ASENPws&feature=related
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