What is the importance of micro-teaching in teacher preparation?

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Answered: Kindergarten teachers from willow road elementary school in Franklin

Why are you concerned with teachers who taught 54 years ago?

Answered: No more teachers!

Because the government, republicans and Democrats both, feel schools and education aren't as important as big businesses making huge profite so they're cutting support from schools right and left. Plus, teachers, who have one of the most important jobs in the world, have never been appreciated or ...

Answered: The idea of teaching a baby so young to read ...

Babies learn and understand words way before they can speak. They can also recognize the written language and phonics way before they learn how to say words. Check out http://www.yourbabycanread.com/

Answered: I am an Aussie, I've decided Indonesia to go teach English,have any

Government policy states that foreigners who work in Indonesia must be "experts" in their field. This precludes your average recent university graduate from working here … as the government sees an expert as someone who has been working in their field professionally for 5 to 10 or more years. The ...

Answered: A portfolio is a collection of a student's work gathered over time

Don't worry about leftists actually learning: they only go to college on mommie and daddy's money to get out of work for six years to get a four year degree. Even so they don't earn that four year degree in that six years: the college merely gets fed up with their idiotic antics and graduates them ...

Answered: Who says "teach" for "teacher"?

Yes, it was not very commonly used, even when it was around as slang for teacher. It was not very respectful to say "Hi teach." But then "Hi teacher" would seem odd too. Rob
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High school psychology teacher

It depends on if you are teaching in a private or public school. Usually a BA in psychology and teaching degree are sufficient; however, in some instances, you may need a MA in psychology too.

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Etoos Academy provides high quality training year round for IIT JEE and has customized programmes which offer flexibility to the students to meet their individual requirements. But It will be nice to compare the colleges on website like www.shiksharambh.com , mingle box and shiksha

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Is there anyone in the San Bernardino, California that teaches e-bay?

Should Parents Decide on Teachers' Bonus?

No. I wouldn't want my pay check left to others. Many don't know whats involved and what it's worth.