what is the home remedy for ice on concrete steps?

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Answered: What home remedies are there for acne?

This method is very cheap and most effective to remove acne :-Cucumber leaves or grated pieces. Apply that area to get rid of acne.Or,A couple of garlic cloves, crushed and dabbed on the face 1-2 times a day. http://www.online-family-doctor.com/

Answered: I have a 6yr old child she broke her shoulder she is in pain,is there any

Hopefully you are saying that she is still in pain after you took her to the hospital for treatment. The attending physician should have given her pain medication. I do know that sometimes they do not correct a broken clavicle with surgery on a child of certain age. Thinking as the child grows ...

Answered: Covering existing concrete steps

I would think that the easiest way to cover these would be to use a drop cloth or a blanket. So much for cuteness. Are your steps stable and intact? If so, then for for it. Any type of appropriate adhesive would do. Read the label. Your comment about the retaining wall is worrisome. Please explain ...

Answered: Pls tell me home remedy for blackheads on the nose.

One can get rid of Blackheads by the following treatments: 1. By exfoliating with baking soda one can get rid of blackheads. 2. One can apply a clay mark for blackheads that will help to clean the pores. 3. Pore striping method is also effective for blackheads. And if anyone want fast results ...

Answered: What is the price of concrete in ft.myers,fl

You can google this information.
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You should always consult with your doctor, unless she is too busy There is plenty of what you can do yourself to get rid of the issues now and forever, Be sure to read Kill That Yeast article. It's a good start in educating yourself about what you need to do. Please let me know if you succeeded ...

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there are some things that you can do at home to treat baggy eyes and puffy eyelids. Take a clean washcloth and dampen it with cold water. Sit in an upright position and gently press the washcloth onto the skin just beneath the eyes. http://www.best-home-remedies.com/

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No kidding...French treatment we used after finding store-bought chemicals ineffective was: 1 cup mayonnaise with 1 cup white vinegar and a little olive oil for helping hair health. Make goop and put it all over head and scalp over a tub, it's messy! Then wrap with plastic wrap for a couple of hours ...