what is the highest price gold has ever been?

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Answered: Does anyone know a phone # to call for a gold price recorded message

You can see a live graph of the NY spot gold price at: http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us

Answered: What was gold price in 1997

gold price in 1997 was $331 ... Gold Price Close Today : 1212.00 Change: 12.90 or 1.1% and Gold Silver Ratio Today: 62.81Change: 0.296 or 0.5% The GOLD PRICE currently rose $12.90 my resources is Gold Prices Today

Answered: What is the typical price of gold on the US highstreet - if I have a

The price is changing throughout the day. The best way to know exactly what gold is worth by the minute is to look at www.kitco.com which will follow the spot gold price of all of the world markets. Then follow the other advice provided in other responses concerning the amount of gold by Karat ...

Answered: Current price

I check on gold prices each day m-f on this website: http://www.midstatesrecycling.com/karat.php

Answered: Selling my jewerly

Selling jewelry can be quite overwhelming and I agree that trust is an important factor when you are looking to sell gold jewelry. Last month when I was looking to sell my old gold ring, I also saw advertisements and at one point of time was ready to sell my jewelry to them. Then my friend suggested ...

Answered: What is the price for a gold coin?

The value of any coins depends on the type of coin you are planning to buy or have in hand. Price of the coins that are sold by dealers offline/online totally depends on the purity & content of gold in them while the value of numismatic coins is not dependent on the gold content or purity, but is ...
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