What is the half-way location between Medina, Ohio and Stoughton, Wisc.?

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Answered: What city is half way between Phoenix, Ar and Harlingen, Tx

Van Horn TX or Fort Stockton TX are about halfway between Phoenix AZ and Harlingen TX. There are few places to stop in west Texas. If you want a scenic route, you could go by Carlsbad, NM. But if you're driving 600 miles a day, you wouldn't have much time to see the caverns. Chihuahua Mexico ...

Answered: What is one half of 19.25 inches

Look at the question again OronD. 19.25 not 9.25

Answered: Special top entrance for bees invented by medina , ohio bee keeper

saaaay............wasn't this the guy who tried the same idea with igloos and almost wiped out an entire village of Inuits.
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There is a small lake called Lake Medina in the town of Medina, Minnesota (just outside of Plymouth Minnesota) that I can tell you does NOT rent boats. However, if you are referring to a Medina Lake elsewhere such as Medina Texas, I couldn't tell you. I hope that helps... http://www.WeedersDigest ...

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No way to give you a serious answer, obviously something "stops" it. There are several possible reasons (to cause it). One has to check it and find the exact reason.

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Another day and night of Rocmike doing nothing but posting his sick disturbing porn. Posting questions that nobody answers on. Posting under aliases that everyone ignores. He has posted under Harley Spirit, Philo Manke, Yedja, Snicker anonymous and anonymous. Isn't this loser getting tired of being ...