what is the gestation period for hogs?

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Answered: How long is the gestation period for tick eggs?

About two weeks as far as I know. See here: http://frontline.us.merial.com/fleas/sub5_tick1.asp

Answered: Got a 3 week hog what do i do with it

faten it up and bacon it

Answered: Hog hunting in Floridas orange groves

where are the orange grooves to hunt

Answered: where is my period and how late is it??

the pill messes with your cycle, its possible to miss your period once or 2ce after taking it plus it could change the dates on when your period will start and stop, go by the pill....if you still dont get your next period {pill time} take a test.

Answered: What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is diabetes in women who are 24 weeks pregnant or over. It does not mean that they had diabetes before the pregnancy and may not have it after the give birth but it's important to get diabetes education from your doctor about it. Source: www.grmedcenter.com

Answered: How big is baby at 3 weeks gestation?

About the size of a jelly bean
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