what is the fundamental concepts of chemistry in biology?

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Answered: Soviet biological warfare agents in America?

The leftist Soviet Union was a totalitarian power of abuse, greed, and hatemongering. It is not surprising that the Soviets were as devious with their abuse of their biological weapons as they were with their hot-headed propaganda. It is disappointing that leftists are so naïve that they actually ...

Answered: What does concept mean ?

The meaning of an idea or theme.

Answered: Why is biology called living environment, when did it change?

Maybe because biology is the study of life and where it lives?

Answered: Conception

between jan 20th and jan 27th

Answered: Limiting factor of Catalase and hydrogen peroxide reaction

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Answered: Why does catalase catalyze hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is produced by the peroxisomes of the cell in normal metabolic processes, then broken into oxygen and water.
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