What is the foiled chocolate that Brenda eats on The Closer?

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Answered: Where will Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) go on The Closer?

Brenda Leigh Johnson will remain the Closer.Thats the logical answer.

Answered: What is candy in silver foil that chief brenda johnson eats in the

They are called Ring Dings, made by the Drake company. They were made before Ding Dongs, but both have the same description. A cream filled chocolate cake with a chocolate coating. Drake has since become owned by Hostess. Case solved.

Answered: My dog is very small and she eats chocolate what will happen?

Don't you think I know that.... she took herself I didnt give it to her

Answered: Is there any temperament change in dogs because of eating sweets?

I have seen different articles on Chocolate will kill dogs,as well as raisins.

Answered: Can models eat chocolate?

i don't think its a good idea. sweets may affect their figure.
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I know we are always told how dangerous chocolate is for dogs. I did some research and if you click on this link, it will give you the exact amounts and types of chocolate to worry about. Too much can cause kidney failure. www.three-little-pitties.com/my-dog-ate-chocolate.html

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the bear told it not to