what is the exterior trim board called at the bottom wall of a house?

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Answered: What to paint the a front door on a house that has brown siding

I would go with red or green or a natural wood finish. A veneer would do well.

Answered: What kind of wood is used exterior trim?

Wood.............Sorry, i couldn't help saying that . Go on line ( i dont know what state you in and the weather, but here we have a place called lowes. You can get some very good advice about it. Have a good day. God bless nanadee

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Answered: How to decorate with wall decals?

Wall decals are used to express your personality, add visual layers to certain room and can cover a large space, with less money. Plus, they are easy to apply and reposition. Apply first a fresh coat of paint to create a good wall shape. Wait until 10 days and wipe them with a cloth soaked in soapy ...

Answered: What's the best inbound call tracking service?

I used to use phone tracking software MaxxSpy. It's really very good. Thanks MaxxSpy that I can monitor my child and better management. Moreover, the MaxxSpy offers monitoring software MaxxSpy, the first software to locate and spy-call (Auto answer) a cell phone for free. I really like it.
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