what is the exponential notation for 49?

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Answered: What is the sound that is played when the san franciso 49er's score?

The new 49ers stadium is not in San Francisco, but in Santa Clara, about 45 miles southeast of San Francisco, 6 miles from San Jose airport.

Answered: When dividing two numbers and both have exponents, what do you do with

There are 3 different situations depending on whether the bases are the same or the exponents are the same or neither. I have explained all 3 here but my guess is that you were referring to type 1. Type 1: If the numbers have the same base just subtract the exponents e.g. (2^6)/(2^2) = 2 ^(6 - 2 ...

Answered: How to type a exponential notation with positive exponents in fraction

x^2 (x squared) is easiest way. For fractional exponent x^1/2

Answered: Do fat people shit and fart exponentially?

Digestive functions are a linear function of the mass consumed, not exponential.
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