what is the expected damage that would occur at an IBD if an explosion was to take place at the closest PES?

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Answered: Favorite Places are gone

My favorites are all gone too. I started to restore my list yesterday. And now that is gone. HELP!!!

Answered: Brain damaged presidential candidate?

Clinton is brain damaged. That stroke cut her IQ by 2/3 and now the Dems are looking for some other corrupt fool to take over in case Clinton croaks. Republicans ain't stupid enough to run brain damaged fools for office. Vote Republican to be safe and happy.

Answered: Rats in attic

GAY ROCMIKE HAS FILLED THIS BOARD WITH MORE PORN QUESTIONS AND 9 DIFFERENT ALIASES.---------------------He has posted under the gay fake Marine, Harley S., Fred G. and Brother B. All 4 of these names go to his Facebook profile page yet he claims he's dead. He has also posted under Snicker anonymous ...

Answered: "Where is the best place to be in the united ...

Nuclear strikes target population centers and high value military structres. The fallout of the radiation is blown by wind. The safest place to be would therefore be anywhere on the Oregon coast. One because there is little population and military high value targets and two, because the wind blows ...

Answered: Brain Damaged Clinton, brain damaged Dems.

Who but brain damaged Democrats would post XXX porn for kids to see as they ask help with third-grade homework? Leftists have that lack of family and community values, so that settled all things about all leftists for all time.

Answered: An unknown failure occurred.

I have some questions for you:: "" i send a message to someones cell.."" Qu: How do you send a message to someones cell [phone??] USING:: "" aim "" ... ""ended of geting blue death screen "" think , What were you doing ? How did you do it ?, Have you done this thing BEFORE , that did ...
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