what is the exact counting of sattilites in present at space?

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Answered: How to reserve zero sperm count problem ?

I think he meant to say reverse zero sperm count, not reserve it. It may be possible to reverse a vasectomy, but it doesn't always work. There may be an obstruction. Or there may be anti-sperm antibodies.

Answered: Space heater and solar power

A standard fixed 12 volt solar panel can charge a battery for 4-4.5 hrs on a clear sunny day. A standard 12 volt car battery can hold 30 amp hrs of power. A small 1500 watt heater running for only 8 hrs at night would require you to have a solar array of ten 100watt panels on your roof and 30 car ...

Answered: The fate of planets not of stars

Stars are constantly burning up hydrogen into helium, so they eventually run out. They either start burning helium or become a white dwarf. Massive stars become supernovas when they run out of fuel. Planets are not burning up their own matter, so they don't die that way. They may gradually lose ...

Answered: Space

Settlements in space are science fiction. So far there are no real ones, nor any plans for one. We landed on the moon in 1969, which was proposed in Jules Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon" in 1865. But we only stayed a few days. We have landed explorer robots on Mars, but there are no plans ...

Answered:   Possible sattilite,UFO or USO(stationary). I see RED FLASHES in the

To find answers to your question you should go to the nearest psych ward where you willl find many people who have seen what you have seen

Answered: What is a space quadrum?

Quadrum refers to square (most of the time), and thus I would assume that a space quadrum would refer to a certain area of space with specific specifications. For instance, an area which is 1km wide and long. If you were to break the space around Earth into quadrums you'd be able to name each ...
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How did they get the space shuttle to the National Air and Space

NASA uses a retired Boeing 747 to transport STS Orbiters. The Shuttle is comprised of the Orbiter, two Solid Rocket Boosters, and an external liquid fuel tank that merely fuels the rocket engines on the Orbiter. SRB's travel by special heavy truck from their point of manufacture at Morton-Thiokol ...

If we can see deep into space why cant we see nearer planets in more

There is still no adequate substitute for good old phototelescopy. It is necessary to have good tracking and hypered film (taken from ASA 1000 to ASA 3000 or faster) and exposures over fifteen minutes to get faint, deep-sky objects, but it is worth the effort. Meade has bayonet mounts that will ...

Are they going to renew the space shuttles when the ones now are put into

NO. The original plan was to build a new shuttle (more sophisticated), but Obama stop the plan by reducing the budget to NASA. As for now , all the supply to ISS will be done by the Russian shuttle Soyuz (for a lot of money).