What is the ethnicity of Colin Kaepernick, SF 49ers QB?

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Answered: What is the sound that is played when the san franciso 49er's score?

The new 49ers stadium is not in San Francisco, but in Santa Clara, about 45 miles southeast of San Francisco, 6 miles from San Jose airport.

Answered: Who is favored to win 49ers or arizonia?

49ers were favored by 2.5, and they won by 3.

Answered: Sf'\

You are not close, Boss. Madam Z

Answered: It is unbelieveable that Colin Powell who has been ...

I was unaware that Colin Powell ever had a kind word for Obama. Numerous articles in the NY Times, Seattle PI, and Tacoma News Tribune, cited Powell as sharply critical of the tactics Obama has used in his campaign. Perhaps some leftist/racist twisted the truth enough to create such an incorrect ...
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May you have the best of Christmas this year and all your dreams come true. 2011

49ers quarterback before alex smith

Joe Montana (the majority of 10 seasons), Steve Young (the majority of 8 seasons), Jeff Garcia (the majority of 5 seasons), Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey

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As history has proved conclusively, Colin Powell was completely correct at every decision concerning the conduct of the Gulf War. He and Generals Schwarzkopf and Franks, proved that we had what it took to win that nasty engagement by such a lopsided victory that the world still halts in wonder. Of ...