What is the difference between the anxiety medications Vistaril and Ativan?

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Answered: How do i deal with anxiety and depression?

Depression clouds your thinking and makes everything you look at negative. Your world is no longer colourful and bright but grey and black and nothing seems exciting any more. Your thoughts have changed what you see and feel. In the same way your negative thoughts can create anxiety about ...

Answered: Severe Anxiety

I understand that Xanax works best for Anxiety and Panic Attacks. My sister and niece both are claustophobic and have panic attacks when they fly, or in other confined spaces, and they take Xanax as needed, not on any regular basis, just when they know they are likely to have a problem. It works ...

Answered: How might a medical assistant's experience working ...

A medical specialist is one who has received training and has advanced clinical knowledge in a particular area of medicine. Examples of specialists include gynecologists, cardiologists, etc. A medical practitioner can also be a specialist, or practice as a primary care physician or general physician ...

Answered: What are the different types of anxiety disorders?

Types of anxiety disorder are: Panic disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Social anxiety disorder Generalized anxiety disorder Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehab

Answered: I am having a lot of trouble with my anxiey. is ...

My daughter has been taking a supplement with GABA and B vitamins for less than a week and says that it is helping her already.
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Anxiety disorders?

There are a variety of different treatments for anxiety neurosis and treatment will be dependent on a variety of different factors. Some common treatments include: * CBT - This is a common treatment for people with various degrees of situational anxiety, fear anxiety, etc. It involves two ...

Anxiety and medical help needed

obviously you are nervous. maybe you should wait a while and get to know the girl first. you don't feel comfotable with them, so you can't perform. it is a mind thing. you need to slow down.meet someone who challenges you in other ways.

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