what is the difference between terminated and discharged from a job?

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Answered: Find the job for you

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Answered: What are popular graduate jobs?

As the market is changing the business and institutions, all are going online. It’s now high time to be on the internet. If you do not appear on Google links then, you are nowhere. One of the most popular jobs these days are entrepreneurship. If you know SEO, Coding and marketing then you are sure ...

Answered: Where can one find graduate jobs in London?

People who like to start a better career must not lose even a single opportunity through which they get a high paying job. When you apply for the graduate jobs London you should not think regarding the starting pay but grab the opportunity. Though there are several companies that offer a number of ...

Answered: If a manager only makes his hires based on ...

I was a manager instructed to only hire "good looking girls" and their were certain girls the GM didn't find attractive and wanted me to make reasons for him to be able to fire them. And when I didn't comply I was terminated.

Answered: Can i resign from my job for mental reasons and collect unemployment in

I suggest you check it out, but I believe you can file for disability benefits once you've seen a medical doctor.
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File a complaint with U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) . EEOC.GOV


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