what is the difference between tempera paint and finger paint?

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Answered: I have a exterior paint that is latex semi gloss ...

Painting concrete is considerably different than a wood or metal surface. Concrete is porous and needs to be sealed before painting. Then once the surface is painted (it should be a concrete paint, enamel) it should be sealed again. I really think that painting your steps will result in almost ...

Answered: Gasoline vs Paint Thinner

Okay to clean brushes it all depends on what type of paint or stain was on the brush. If you used latex, use water to clean. If you used oil, use paint thinner. If you used epoxy use MEK. If you used Acrilic paint use acetone. Laquer thinner will clean just about everything including urethanes ...

Answered: Difference

codeine content

Answered: Bad paint job

maybe it needs a new paint job ~mike Truck Bumper
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Why do your fingers look like a prune?

When flesh has been submerged for a while, it will absorb some of the fluid and swell, like a sponge. The tissue underneath the skin on your fingers and toes is securely attached to the tough upper layers of skin and holds tightly to the expanding flesh, creating wrinkles.

Want to know color of paint for formal living room with off white

Go for sky color or light green color, It will look great!

In a commercial application, will painting the acoustic suspended ceiling

Standard latex or oil based paint will harm the fire rating of the tile. You should spray apply a product like SAV-A-CEILING Acoustic Tile Coating. It is UL classified and proven not to harm the fire rating of acoustic ceiling tiles. Visit www.receilit.com for mor info.