what is the difference between self defense and stand your ground laws?

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Answered: Have you ever taken a self defense class? I think ...

True self defense for women is to use the very most effective self defense techniques – no matter how drastic. This is what your parents never taught you about staying safe. See http://www.crime-safety-security.com/Self-Defense.html

Answered: Is there any common difference between the criminal lawyer and criminal

Remember the tv shows, "The Defense Rests" ala a defense attorney. www.targetlaw.com

Answered: What is the best and most practical self defense weapon that can be

The most effective weapon you can carry without a license is matrial arts training. I have a respectable Winchester vault full of hunting rifles, shotguns, and pistols, but the five weapons I prize most are utterly disgusting: A .22 pen gun, two "slide action" 12-gauge single shot shotguns, a ...

Answered: Self Defense Classes?

I would recommend learning self defense online at http://www.maxkravmaga.com I study there and enjoy every minute.

Answered: Let's figure on losing our gun rights. Leftists ...

Well, things turned out a lot better than I thought, huh? We kept our rights, we got the Government working again, we put Obatty on the side lines, we put the Democrats out to pasture, and we put our selves back to work -- all against the Democrats. Well, it wasn't that big a task, was it? I mean ...
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Self Defense Flashlight

You're looking for what's called a tactical flashlight. I own a Cree XML-T6 Ultrafire. It's pocket sized, fits in the hand nicely, has a decent, though not perfect striking edge, is blindingly bright and will also flash in strobe and SOS modes. Available at Amazon, along with other tactical ...

ZIMMERMAN CASE (Shooting of Treyvon Martin): Stand Your Ground/Self

No, I'm not watching. I predict a hung jury. Some will be ready to find Zimmerman guilty regardless of doubt. Some will want to find him innocent regardless of evidence. It seems likely that "reasonable doubt" exists.

     Self Defense Or Manslaughter

Hello With my limited knowledge of the law, I would say this is self defense. The law may say differently. They may look at 1. any motive, 2. Did they know each other, 3. Could he have prevented the stabbing and 4. Why was he carrying a concealed weapon. You can take your chances with a real lawyer ...

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