what is the difference between seizures and tremors?

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Answered: I'm trying to better understand about seizure ...

Jay, a lot of the terminology has changed. Some parts of the world do still list them by all those various names (especially overseas) but here in the states, they are often now known as either 'full' or 'partial' seizures. My daughter is all over the map. She has had full (what used to be known as ...

Answered: Difference

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Answered: Can sound cause a seizure?

Yes, sound can cause a seizure. I have a persian cat and he has had 3 seizures caused by sound. I was shaking a can of spray paint and the sound of the clicking of the ball inside caused the seizure. The next time it was caused by my grandaughter shaking a tube of nail polish. The third time it ...

Answered: Seizures and Lasik Eye surgery

Lady- My cousin is married to a doc. Temporal coincidence does not prove cause and effect has been one of my favorite sayings ever since I heard it. This simply means that if two things happen close to the same time, it in no way proves that the first caused the second. If you think about the ...

Answered: I have an 8 Year old son who has had seizures for ...

Johns Hopkins is certainly well known for work on adult epilepsy - but I don't know about pediatrics. If you'll write back and leave your city I can give you the best. Connie - working in an epilepsy monitoring lab in Dallas

Answered: Have you been able to raise money for people that seizure disorders

i dont know where to get that information, but you can donate by raising money from various things.
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Esential tremors, disability after 2000

depends if u can work or not

How can I get a "seizure dog"?

hi my name is elizabeth and i had a stroke when i was five ever since then i have had seizures therefore i just found out that dogs could detect before people actually have a seizure therefore i was wonderin if anyone knew where i could actually get a dog that detects seizures

Seizure disorder,how medical marijuana works on seizure control?

Ask your doctor, I’m not really sure. The following sites contain a LOT of really helpful information, you should check them out http://www.san-diego-medical-marijuana.info/san-diego-medical-marijuana-dispensaries.htm http://www.san-diego-medical-marijuana.info Also, for some informative ...

Seizures in 5 month old miniature poodle..anyone else experience

I had a mini poodle that started having seizures at about 1 mth old....he would get stiff, fall on the floor, eyes glazing...I took him to the vet as an emergency. He said did you ever see a human person having a seizure. I replied no, but had heard of it. He said my dog had epilepsy. He took ...