what is the difference between Pergo Max and Pergo XP?

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Answered: Home depot pergo flooring how do you find out if they still manufacture

We are not experts in flooring, and we have difficulty reading your mind. You could ask someone at Home Depot, or you could look up Pergo and ask them. You would have to tell them what type you bought, or bring in a sample, or at least a photo.

Answered: Is Air- Max A well Known Brand of well Known Air Conditioner

http://www.nikeairmax-cheapsale.com nike air max online store.

Answered: Different uses of morph tool in 3d max.

Morphing is a very powerful tool. It is mainly used for character facial animation but has extensive capabilities which can be applied to all areas of animation and modeling inside 3dsmax.You can morph various pictures such as, face or image of your friends, family, pets, etc. together. Morph Tools ...

Answered: What is causing black streaks on my pergo floors?

warm water with detergent soap will possibly make it loss

Answered: Difference

codeine content

Answered: Where do I buy pergo red oak blocked PH4577 ...

http://www.kitchenbathandfloorsusa.com/product_detail.asp?id=546 http://na.pergo.com/Products/Red-Oak-Blocked__PH4709.aspx They also sell it at Hone Depot.
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