what is the difference between methodist and episcopalian religion?

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Answered: What religion was observed before Islam?

Islam is a latecomer: only 1,400 years old, hence inexpert and inexperienced. Judaism and Christianity came into existence as of creation: 14.6 billion years ago. Since Christianity and Judaism represent the Creator, then the upstart cult Islam represents no one but the greedy manipulators at the ...

Answered: What is the difference between the Heavenly Body and the Spirtiual

What is wrong with the leftist Muslim Atheist poster? He continues to post under these aliases even though everyone knows he's doing it. What does he think he's proving by doing it. He never gets a response except from those making fun of him. He continues to post on questions that are months and ...

Answered: How old is the Catholic religion?

Peter made mistakes, Jesus Christ did not. There have been many Popes since the time of Christ and I am sure they all made mistakes. From the crusades thru theology. This is not to put down the importance of the Pope, that would be the same as saying Peter was not useful to the growth of ...

Answered: All the benefits seem more or less the same, what are the differences in

Hi Kat: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. What is AOL MyBenefits?
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What is the difference between united methodist and wesleyan methodist

I am not a Methodist , but if I were I think I would like to be a member of the Wesleyan Methodist. Here is a page that will show you the difference in the two. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wesleyan_Church

What is the difference between a disciple and a missionary

Generally speaking. A disciple is a student who follows a master and teacher of. A missionary is one who goes out to work in the service of their order.


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Superannuated relation

I looked it up for you out of the RANDOM HOUSE WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY... it's an awesome book to have laying around the house by the way. super-an-nu-at-ed (soo'per an'yoo a tid), adj. 1. retired because of age or infirmity. 2. antiquated [1625-35; alter. (with-u- of Annual) of ML superannatus over ...