what is the difference between almond paste and almond cake and pastry filling?

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Answered: Bubblegum Cake Filling?

If I understand your question, you want to make a cake filling that has bubblegum pieces in it, not one that is bubblegum flavored - is that correct? If so, my suggestion would be to make a white cake and use a basic buttercream or whipped cream filling recipe, to which you would add several ...

Answered: Gold filled or vermeil

Vermeil is a more expensive version of gold-plated jewelry. It consists of a sterling silver base that is coated with gold. Vermeil jewelry wears off less than gold-plated one.

Answered: When do i stop apologizing, is admitting your wrong enough. My daughter

I am sorry to hear that but I have no idea what she went trough with you. When you have said your sorry, changed your ways and trying to do right and your not accepted or your apology then don't worry about it anymore. You did all you can do and now just live to the best of your ability and ...

Answered: What is the differance between almond filling and almond paste? Can i use

Almond paste is an ingredient in almond filling. If your cookie recipe calls for the almond paste as an ingredient to make an almond filling with, then you can probably just substitute you canned filling for the almond paste and the other filling ingredients. If the almond paste is an ingredient for ...

Answered: All the benefits seem more or less the same, what are the differences in

Hi Kat: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. What is AOL MyBenefits?

Answered: Buy pastry flour in Chicago

I'm guessing any bakery will have this. Good luck.
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