What is the difference between a remington 60032 and a 60040 (fmb) rifle?

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Answered: Preferable with barrel rib looking for remington 600 rifle in 243 or

i am looking for a remington 600 hunting rifle in the 243 or 6 mm caliber.

Answered: What is a charge of FMB1400289?

I found a listing for FMB1400289 that says the next hearing should have been June 3, 2014 in Joshua Tree. Are you Hannah? Charges were 273AB(B) and 11166. 273AB is assault on a child, 11166 is about mandated reporter.

Answered: Rifle Caliber

I bought one for my Barrett rifle from Eurooptic . check out http://www.eurooptic.com/barrett-82a1-rifles.aspx

Answered: Howa rifles: I bought one at a yard sale. It ...

The sling might need adjusting to your arm length. Next time you sling the rifle, see if you are nudging the bolt open with your upper arm or elbow. This could also happen while you are carrying it slung. The easiest cure for that is to lengthen the sling until the bolt handle is just below your ...

Answered: Italian rifles-

Barrett rifles are designed and built for long range sniper applications. Other than using one as a very expensive target rifle, ($12,000 + optics) only military or law enforcement really have any use for one. Since the above spammer used "Italian Rifles" question to post this spam, Barrett mfg is ...

Answered: I have a Browning winchester rifle and would ...

The answer to your question could most likely be found on http://www.takdriver.com Just sign up as a member (its free) and ask on there and you will probably get a lot of responses from the other members
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Rifle manufacturer?

I'm personally not familiar with this rifle but I'd think you could take it to a gun shop and ask one of the experts there. Best of luck.

I have a winchester 25.20 rifle model # 92 and would like to know the

winchester.wayne@gmail.com OOPS this is the right addy


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I bought a Husqvarna rifle in .338 Win Mag with no ...

The serial number is not on the barrel. It might be under the stock or somewhere on the receiver. Search for it.