what is the difference between a mystic and a medium?

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Answered: What is the difference between a mystic and science of mind

i'm not really sure what the diffrence is ,for i am a mystic scientiist and that is one that brings in the new way, look for the return of the original name of GOD... which is Y Y Y pronounced Y-YA

Answered: Difference

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Answered: Online Psychic Who goes by the name of The Extraordinary Chris'?

Has any one heard of the secret of the magic moon

Answered: Mysticism

The world was created for people to serve God, or the gods, depending on your point of view. Just about every creation myth I've read discusses humans in service to the gods.

Answered: What is the difference in a three bedroom home and a four bedroom home in

The prices for 3 bedroom start around $80,000, while for 4 bedroom they start around $120,000. The price per square foot might be comparable, because the 3 bedroom houses tend to be smaller. Prices will vary according to the schools, and how new the house is, and the location.

Answered: Ponchulla, a mystical figure of Italy

I didn't find anything on the Internet when I looked for Ponchulla.
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