what is the difference between a dd214 and a dd217?

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Answered: U.S. Army DD214

The thing to do is either pretend you never went into the military, or flaunt the fact you were thrown out. You will eventually find out that millions of guys in the US have bad military discharges. That's right, I said millions. At least a million were from the 60s and 70s during the Vietnam war ...

Answered: What does the metal on my DD214 'AFR 900-48'stand for?

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Answered: Service benefits

yes you sill need to aquire another dd214 to receive any benefits. How to Request Military Service Records . Then contact veterans affairs.

Answered: Difference

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Answered: All the benefits seem more or less the same, what are the differences in

Hi Kat: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. What is AOL MyBenefits?

Answered: How do i obtain DD214 form?

Your discharged with your DD214. If you don't have it call your last Unit or Command. Good grief buddy or buddette you don't loose DD214. Lady Darko
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DD214 form

Hey Kevin, You can also write to, national Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records, 9700 Page Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63132-5100. Specify Duplicate Seperation Document is needed, Put your full name and also your signature. Also what branch of service, service or social security no. and ...

Military DD214

I just went through this very painful and time consuming experience of correcting my DD-214. It took me nearly two years to perform the research needed to support my position and get a case (Docket Number) for review by the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR). Your branch of ...