what is the difference between 22k and 24k hallmarked gold?

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Answered: What is the difference between gold platted and gold overlay?

Gold plating generally means that a lesser material is plated, or covered with true gold. This thin real layer of gold makes the entire piece appear to be bade of pure gold to the naked eye, but indeed it is not. You can find some more detailed information about gold plated jewelery on specialty ...

Answered: Gold hallmarks I have a rough hewn, adjustable 24K ...

Hallmark is the measure of purity of gold.Pure gold is available at http://www.empiregoldbuyers.com. They offer gold at a resonable price.

Answered: Is 10kt gold a harder metal since it has less gold in it?

Yes. 10K is harder than, say 10K or 14K. Pure gold is 24K and is malleable. In order to make it hard for jewelry, they insert elements into it which dilute the amount of gold. 10 Karats means that 10 out of every 24 pieces are not gold.

Answered: How many miles is 22k

Hi, -------------- 22 Kilometers are 13.67 miles (the factor is 1.6) --------------- Best regards,

Answered: Wher to buy gold testing kit

The http://www.rsore.com/ is a good site ,you can buy cheap gold
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