what is the difference between 2200Mah and 4400Mah laptop batteries?

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Answered: Take out the laptop battery when plugged into a socket?

Hi there Yes leaving the battery on charge for extended periods will minimise the battery life, the battery can only be charged a number of times in its life whicj is subject to the way it is used, by leaving it plugged in you are in effect using up one of its charges for a very small amount of ...

Answered: Does it harm a laptop battery to leave the charger plugged in all the

Yes,I think it's true. Friend of mine said that her latitude d430 battery 's life shortens after a week of plugging in the dell latitude d430 .

Answered: I've had my laptop for a good 2 1/2 years.It's ...

maybe you could try scanning/cleaning your pc or adding more memory to it.

Answered: New battery doesn't seem to work on a laptop that wont turn on.

Laptop batteries can be a problem if they do not have a small amount of charge in them, especially when they are used for the first time, they lose a percentage of charge every week that they are not being used and have a short shelf life. They have a chip onboard to tell the laptop that there is a ...

Answered: What is the differance between 12 cell and 8 cell laptop batteries

12 cell battery laptop are used for longer time

Answered: Laptop batteries

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Laptop only working on ac power but battery is good

I'm afraid your latitude d830 battery is dead ,you should buy a new one for your latitude d830 .

Is it advisable to charge the battery always when ...

I am not going to try to sell you a laptop battery, just answer your question. If you leave your Lithium Ion battery in your laptop and connect it to the DC supply it will fully charge and then the smart battery electronics in the battery will request the charger in the laptop stops charging it ...

Best place to buy battery for gateway mx8711 laptop

http://www.cheap-laptop-batteries.net/gateway/mx8711-battery.htm 6600mah Gateway mx8711 Laptop Battery Replacement.

Why do hp batteries emit emf even when not in a charger or in a laptop

All scalar fields radiate into space. However, you would not have any difficulty with the weak scalar fields emitted by a charged battery. The only time ionizing radiation becomes a problem is with gamma radiation. Even then it has to be intense enough to expose ASA 100 film at a range of ...