what is the depth of a flat screen tv plus wall mounting bracket?

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Answered: Is installing a plasma TV a do it yourself project or should I make sure

The trick to it is to make sure it's mounted properly so it's probably best to have a professional do it. If you buy one from somewhere like Best Buy they may do free installation or for a nominal fee.

Answered: How to make a tv picture cover the hole screen

you mean Whole screen You can't the picture is formated that way Just use your remote and change to a different Format.

Answered: Mounting flat panel tv to cultured stone

I'm not sure this can be done without cracking the stone. You might try contacting the manufacturer of the stone to see if this can be done. Good luck.

Answered: Hgtv.com My nook in our family room is too small for the flat screen tv

Buy a smaller TV, or put it on a different wall.

Answered: What are the best LCD tv brands and models?

Many LCD television brands available in market like Sony, Samsung, LG etc. I advice you that HDMi port should be attached with your television. You should buy Google TV device with television. Google TV device support 2.4 wireless remote operating. Google TV device is a complete source of ...

Answered: Help with a flat screen wall mount search

Try searching on www.insiderpages.com for a company that does this. Good luck.
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What stores sale the polaroid 42 in tv

The top 42 model is http://www.polaroid-tv.com/polaroid-lcd-tv/polaroid-4241-tlxb-42-lcd-tv/ and you can buy it here http://www.polaroid-tv.com/

Astar Need a new remote for broken one for my astar flat screen tv, do

http://www.tvpartsnow.com/search.php?orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=astar+&submit_search=Search $39.99

Best TV User Interface?

Thanks for the advice. I also checked Consumer Reports, and they say the Samsung has the easiest interface, so that is what we bought. We got the best price on Amazon.com.

How can I clean streaks from a flat screen tv

I use a cleaner called Monster Screen Clean. Safe for the screen and it works pretty well. Don't use any kind of glass cleaner on a flat screen. The screens aren't glass. You need to get the cleaner made for flat screens as well as the very soft cloths used for the purpose.