what is the definition rederrick?

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Answered: Google search:Definition(s) of ONESEATER

If your talking cars or out houses it means room for one.

Answered: What the Definition of Existential Dilemma?

The definition of Existential Dilemma is the society that has a problem of the human existence.

Answered: Definition of gussak

the reason you guys couldn't find it was because you were searching in english. Gussak is an eskimo word for "White person".

Answered: Emotional binge definition

Emotional binge is: A period of unrestrained, immoderate self-indulgence. A period of excessive or uncontrolled indulgence in food or drink: an eating binge.

Answered: What IS the definition of "MilkFart von PoopTail?"

It's what came out of your mother when you were born, instead of afterbirth.
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Actually it is called "Guilt by Association," and the definition is broad and often confused with being an accessory to a crime. Brosen's in his answer below fell into the same trap providing the classic answer for what an accessory to a crime means - they literally aided ad abetted the accused ...

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i do not know

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Perhaps "Gura" refers to Gura Humorului, an area from which about 3000 Jews were deported in 1941. Most of them were killed or otherwise died by 1944. (List of Holocaust Victims from Gura Humorului )

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Leftists, Atheists, Muslims, racists, Jeremiah Wright, Obatso, drunkard, bigot, criminals, cross burners, Nazi, EBT cards KKK, Hitler, Tadpole, Hilary, tombstone, liberal, cross burners, Black Panthers. child molesters. I wonder who posted those answers? LOL Will someone respond to this lonely ...