what is the decimal notation of 27.66%?

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Answered: What constants are expressed by the following scientific notations: 1.66

1.66 E-27 = 0.0000000000000000000000000166 ============================If I didn't misplace a 0!!

Answered: What is 15 and 3 tenths written in decimals notation?

3 tenths can be written as 3/10. If it was 3 hundredths, then you could have written it as 3/100. And just place 15 before this fraction. So, it becomes 15 3/10.

Answered: SS at 62, work at 66

Here's one of the FAQs of the Social Security website that might answer your question.

Answered: Mix fraction to decimals

1/8 = .125 so the problem becomes 4.27 - 2.125. It may help you to write it 4.270 (with an extra zero here after the number, as long as it is after the decimal point) - 2.125 __________

Answered: Decimal Long Division

1 How to Do Long Division is sometimes hard to remember how to do long division because there are so many calculators. It's easy to get stuck without a calculator, so you need to know the simple method to do long division manually Take an easy example, such as 88 divided by 4. You are ...
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3x10 to the power of 7

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