what is the copyright infringement rules for LL baseball and major league baseball?

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Answered: Why doesn't major league baseball allow aluminum bats?

Balls struck off aluminum are faster, so if a pitcher or infielder were to get hit by a ball hit off aluminum bat, he could get seriously hurt. Here is a web site that has to do to your question.

Answered: Kurt Dempster Cincinnati Reds baseball. Did he play in the majors or


Answered: On Major League Baseball 2K8 how do you know what there going to

I'm not sure but you might ask in a gaming forum. Good luck!

Answered: What positions did gil hodges play in the majors league baseball///?

He played 3rd base for one game, he was backup catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers. For most of his MLB career, he was a first baseman. He was also a manager for the New York Mets.
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When does major league baseball tryouts start? and what the distance from

The bases are 90 feet apart. The rubber is 60 ft 6 in from the back of the plate. From the plate to second base is 127 ft, 3 3/8 inches, so , it's about 7.5 ft farther from the rubber to 2 base than it is to home.

Littleleague baseball player who made it to big leagues

Joey Jay was the first Little Leaguer to make it to the major leagues in 1953.

Baseball's 1st $100,000 player

Hank Greenberg in 1947. Take a look at this web page for other interesting facts having to do with salaries. http://www.baseball-almanac.com/firsts/first9.shtml .

How much is a 1932 major league baseball all-star ticket worth? the full

Used or unused? If no one wants to buy them they are wirth nothing. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/ticket-stubs Iwould guess about $50.00 Put them on Ebay