what is the connection between haemophilus influenzae bacterial meningitis and later having an ectopic pregnancy?

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Answered: Ectopic pregnancy

Hi, You posted a question 5 months ago. Did your wife get pregnant?

Answered: Are there anyways you can avoid ectopic pregnancy or is is pretty much

i think that ectopic pregnancies are mainly in ppl that have scarring from past surgies and un treated stds, i think pelvis immflammatory can damage the fallopian tubes...........anyway, i guess there is probably no way to prevent it if it happens but if detected early the growing embryo can be ...

Answered: Risks of Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy generally occurs in the course of assisted conception treatments . Hence it is usually diagnosed very early, allowing a choice between two forms of treatment: laparoscopic surgery to remove the ectopic or an injection of methotrexate to dissolve it.

Answered: What exactly is an ectopic pregnancy and how is it caused? Can it affect

Ectopic means "out of place." In an ectopic pregnancy, a fertilized egg has implanted outside the uterus.An ectopic pregnancy results from a fertilized egg's inability to work its way quickly enough down the fallopian tube into the uterus.Some women who have had ectopic pregnancies will have ...

Answered: I Think i am suffering from a ectopic pregnancy. i ...

An ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency,and if you don't get this treated properly it can lead to death in many women. I would recommend that you should have your doctor do a blood test for you as so as you can, so you can get yourself treated.

Answered: What about pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy? Is ...

It depends what the results of your ectopic pregnancy were - did you lose a tube? If not, you're still in the same position you were earlier. If you did lose a tube, it may take a little longer to conceive. I would consult with your doctor to see what s/he thinks... Rachel Inbar www.FertilityStories ...
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What is the tern for sac in ectopic pregnancy?

Gestational sac. I had one and they had to remove my tube, very harp pain all of a sudden.

Is cryptococcal meningitis fatal?

Prescription medication are often utilized to take care of meningitis infection in youngsters.

I am at risk for an ectopic pregnancy, but I feel ...

First of all I hope your pregnancy is in place, and that all goes well. Concerning your question, any sensation you might be feeling in your uterus is not caused by the embryo (which is too small right now to make any difference), but rather by hormonal indications that tell your body to get ready ...