What is the company motto for avon?

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Answered: What is the phrase or motto something like


Answered: How do I post a comment about a company?

You can post a question about whether other people had the same experience that you did with a company.

Answered: What is the meaning of "Live Together, Die alone" motto?

"We'll live together or we'll die alone" is a line from the English-language (Billy Bragg) version of the famous socialist, anarchist, communist, and social democratic anthem The Internationale.

Answered: Where avon started

Avon started out in 1886 and was known as the California Perfume Company. The company office was in New York. Best wishes, Tip

Answered: How can i join avon without someone coming to my house? carol thanks i

we can do it online for you....you still need to join? email me at ASAPComputer@aol.com.
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Ebay and Avon

They may be old Reps that are just getting rid of their stock this is acceptable. But, if your still active then they are going against the Avon rules.

How can I become an Avon Sales Representative?

email Jenaewileyavon@gmail.com or go to http://jenaewiley.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start and get started javascript:mctmp(0);