what is the coldest temperature in the us presently?

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Answered: What is the coldest place to travel?

Sarasota es uno de los mejores lugares fríos para viajar. Mi familia visitó este lugar en las vacaciones de verano y disfrutamos de las exposiciones que ofrecen hermosas esculturas, pinturas y otras formas de arte .Es un agradable ambiente de ciudad pequeña con las comodidades modernas. Sarasota es ...

Answered: What is sub zero temperatures? when does it start at 0 or -1 or

Hi, 1. Subzero temperatures are temperatures below the zero. 2. It only depends on the scale. If you use Kelvin scale it will never be below zero... 3. It starts to be sub-zero on Farenheit scale just as it is under 0 degrees (so let's say -0.0001 degrees F.....). Best ...

Answered: What was the coldest day in buffalo new york history?

The coldest day in Buffalo NY was -20 F on February 9, 1934 and matched February 2, 1961.

Answered: What was the present given to laura bush?

It was a beautiful leather journal for the former first lady to write about her memoirs/experiences after being the first lady for 8 years...It was a lovely gift from Mrs. Obama. D.

Answered: How to do a powerpoint presentation on a book?

You should think of what you want to tell about the book. You can make a few slides on telling the basic story and then move on to a few slides analyzing the book. It shouldn't be too hard and you can choose to put an emphasis on the things important to you.

Answered: What's the best present for women?

Most of the women really wants a spa and massage at luxurious spa resort or day spa. To grant it on, you may give her a spa gift vouchers which to avail at luxurious but affordable day spa in town, I'm sure this will lead her total fun and happiness while enjoying a spa and massage services.
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