what is the circumference of a circle 20 feet in diameter?

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Answered: The circumference of a circle is 23.5682 feet. what is the correct

Hi, C = the circumference (in inches) D = the Diameter. C = 3.14 * D 23.5682 * 12 = 3.14 * D D = 90.0696" Best regards,

Answered: What diameter of a circle, will come out even in inches at the

C = ?D Pi is an irrational number. This is the beginning- 3.14159265358979323846 So, if you use 3.1416, you can choose any diameter that will make C a whole number, or you can plug in a whole number for C and calculate D. 20 = (3.1416)D D = 6.3618 And to clarify the decimal, 3618/10000 = x/16 ...

Answered: How many feet in lenght in a 6 feet diameter of a holding tank how

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Answered: How to find a diameter of a circle when circumference is given?

Circumference= pi times diameter, so diameter = circumference divided by pi where pi = 3.14159265358979... or 3.1416 approximately.

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How do you find diameter if given the circumference of a circle?

The relationship of the diameter of a circle to the circumference is pi times D = C where D = the diameter and C = the circumference. The formula is written C = pi x D.. we know pi is assigned the value of 3.1416. This number is an approximation of the multiple C is of D. thus, pi x D = C . To ...

What is diameter if circumference is 9 inches?

circumference= 9 = pi times diameter, so diameter = 9/3.1416 = 2.86 inches

I am drawing a circle with a radius of 5.7 cm ...

You must be measuring something wrong. Diameter has to twice the radius.