what is the book of leaves from da vinci's demons?

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Answered: How much of the Da Vinci Code novel is true?

I found it a reasonable read, no better than that. -A lot of interesting facts and history, but almost as many inaccuracies. There are MANY far more interesting and informative books on historical themes. Best two in recent years were Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" and "World without end"

Answered: Mona Lisa: Is this another chapter of the Da Vinci Code?

Bones look it up, there is a whole section on the conection. S G

Answered: Da vinci code

The Novel makes the claim that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and before his death he fathered a child. After the crucification, Mary flees with her unborn child and eventually ends up in Gaul or modern day France. The concept is that the Church which Jesus wished to build here on earth was ...

Answered: Hello friends, please help me to find some famous book related to

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Answered: What is the best da vinci's painting

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci Last Supperby Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

Answered: Leonardo Da Vinci's work

I heard that after checking the layers under the Mona Lisa they found out that the sketch for the painting was Leonardo Da Vinci's self-portrait. Is it true? Dr. Lillian Schwartz of Bell Labs suggests that the Mona Lisa is actually a self-portrait. She supports this theory with the results of a ...
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